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Smartphone apps are basically applications you can run on smartphones. Many recent mobile phones are smartphones (such as droids and apple iphones). These phones can connect to Internet services and perform functions you may more readily associate with computers. Smartphones are shipped with some apps already installed on them, for basic functions such as Web browsing, emailing and accessing phone settings. Users can also install additional apps as they choose.

Smartphone hardware comes in many forms. There are lots of manufacturers producing phone handsets with smartphone capabilities. Manufacturers typically target such devices at particular smartphone platforms and operating systems, which are installed on them before customers purchase them. Among the major manufacturers of smartphone devices capable of running apps are Apple, HTC, RIM Blackberry and Motorola. Which smartphone apps you can run on a particular model depends mainly on the operating system it has installed, rather than the hardware. However, some apps are designed only to function with particular hardware components such as touch screens.

There are many smartphone and mobile device platforms in operation. Apple's iOS and Google's Android are among the most widely used smartphone operating systems, but there are others, including RIM Blackberry and Microsoft Windows. All of the major operating systems for smartphones allow users to install additional apps from stores and marketplaces. Some apps are available on multiple platforms, but some are targeted only at one or two. Smartphone users can only install apps that are capable of running on the platform they have installed, as the various operating systems are based on different technologies and frameworks.


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We offer the ability to have your mobile website applied as a smartphone app. Your app will be available for download at the Google Play Store. For an additional fee, your site can also be available at the Apple store (subject to approval by Apple - not all apps are approved). We can also custom design the app to your specifications. Call us to get a quote.

Smartphones are an indispensable part of the daily lives of Americans.

  1. 44% of the U.S. population use smartphones, an increase from 31% in Q1 2011.
  2. 62% of respondents said they had used their smartphone every day over the past 7 days.
  3. 80% of smartphone users don’t leave home without their device.
  4. 97% use smartphones at home, 83% while on the go, and 78% while in brick and mortar stores.
  5. 66% access the internet at least once daily from their smartphone; 73% do so to use email and 62% to use search engines.


How Mobile Devices Have Changed U.S. Consumer Behavior

  1. 50% use their smartphone to look up restaurants and bars
    31% to research or book travel.
  2. What do users want to do with their smartphones? To be entertained (88%), Communicate (83%), and Stay Informed (53%).
  3. The average American has 28 apps installed on their phone (6 of those are paid apps) and has used 11 apps in the last 30 days.
  4. 76% watch video on their device; 25% do so every day.
  5. 80% use their mobile device to visit social networks; 55% visit at least once a day.
  6. While using their smartphone, U.S. mobile users are also watching TV (52%), listening to music (51%), using the internet (43%), playing video games (28%), or reading newspapers or magazines (16%).


  1. Smartphones and Local Businesses in the United States

  2. 94% of respondents had used their smartphone to look for local information and 90% of those had taken action as a result. Of those, 70% connected with the business, 66% actually visited the business, and 36% made a purchase.
  3. 58% look for local information weekly while 27% do so daily.
  4. After finding local business information on their mobile, 15% of respondents said they had read or written a review, while 13% recommended the business to someone else.


Mobile and Advertising

  • 66% of Americans have performed a search on their mobile after seeing an offline ad (newspaper, television, magazine, etc.).
  • 61% will only look at the first page of search results when seeking information on their smartphone.
  • 89% of U.S. smartphone users notice mobile ads; 48% while in an app, 46% while on a website, 40% while using a search engine, and 27% while watching a video.


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